Meet Our Team

Greg Doerr, Owner, CPO, LP

Greg Doerr is one of the initial founders and owners of Premier Prosthetics. With over 20 years of healthcare and prosthetic experience, Greg and our other owner Manny have worked together for 18 years developing a strong professional relationship and friendship. Greg attended college at the University of Missouri Columbia where he received his Bachelors of Science. He then completed the Prosthetics Program at Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago, IL. Greg is an American Board Certified Prosthetist, a member of AOPA, and a member and supporter of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri. “I love that I get to help people walk again. I love having the opportunity to not only help my patients, but to meet their families and become a part of their lives. At the end of my career, I will remember the moments I helped influence and was lucky to be a part of; a bride walking down the aisle, a father walking his Prom Queen across the football field, and a 9 year old gymnast winning top honors at her competition. These moments are why I chose to become a Practitioner.”

Manny Rivera, Owner, CP

Manny Rivera is one of the initial founders and owners of Premier Prosthetics. His friendship with Greg and experience in the prosthetics and healthcare industry both span 18 years. Manny graduated from the University of Illinois-Champaign-Urbana in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomechanics. His prosthetic training was completed in 2001 at the University of Northwestern Medical School in Chicago-NUPOC. Manny is an American Board Certified Orthotist and Prosthetist, a member of AOPA and OPGA and has provided his knowledge in prosthetics as an expert witness for local law offices. Manny is proud of the fact that Premier is able to provide a turnkey process for our referral sources and patients. “I get the most enjoyment from having a direct impact on the patients’ quality of life. Being able to see them regain their independence is priceless.”

Matt Ruengert, CP, LP, Cped

Matt joined the Premier Prosthetics team in June 2013, and has been practicing prosthetics locally since 2006. As a St. Louis native, Matt received his education from the University of Missouri-St. Louis with a degree in Biology, and then he attended the University of Connecticut to receive his degree in Prosthetics. Matt is an ABC certified prosthetist and pedorthotist, who regularly attends conferences to gain knowledge on the latest technology in the prosthetic field. He enjoys working with patients and hearing their story, in order to gain a better understanding of their needs and goals. Matt is a member of AOPA, OPGA, and also serves as a Board Member for DASA (Disabled Athletes Sports Association.)

Richard Doerr, CFO

Richard serves as our company’s Chief Financial Officer. A now retired automotive executive, Richard’s desire to improve our company processes makes him a key part of the team. Richard obtained his Master of Science in Engineering Management from Missouri University of Science and Technology, and he has used his expertise and knowledge to design our facility with the techniques he mastered in the automotive industry. By utilizing the applications of lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, and 5S, Richard has positioned Premier Prosthetics as a benchmark leader in the Prosthetic Industry.

Brock Friend, CPO, LPO

Brock Friend is an American Board Certified and Licensed Prosthetist and Orthotist. Brock graduated from St. Cloud State University in 2000 with an undergraduate degree in business. Brock went on to continue his clinical education with an advanced specialty program for orthotic training at Century College, then went on to complete his prosthetic training at Northwestern University. Brock feels it is an honor to serve his patients and is also very inspired by his clients and their families. Brock is focused on positioning himself as a valuable resource during the entirety of his patients’ prosthetic care and recovery.

Thomas Bankston, Prosthetic & Orthotic Assistant

Thomas attended Baylor University from 2002 to 2007 where he graduated with a BBA in Business Management and a Minor in Biology. Thomas has over 16 years experience fitting shoes and orthotics for people with foot pain and ailments. He has over 7 years experience in the medical field assisting in patient care and treatment. Thomas enjoys the social interaction with the patients and helping them achieve and maintain their independence in daily living. He couldn't ask to be part of a better company than Premier P&O.


Jenny started with Premier in November 2017 but has been active in the healthcare industry since 2002. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy (St. Louis University) and a master's degree in Business Administration (University of Missouri). She also holds certification from ABC.
Her extensive education in human anatomy, kinesiology and physiology provide her a great foundation for working in the prosthetic field. Her gait analysis training, essential to resolving prosthetic issues, is a valuable skill set and asset to our prosthetic team. Jenny loves helping people and finds it very rewarding to assist our clients in returning to the activities they enjoyed prior to amputation.

Tom, Production Manager

Tom has been with Premier Prosthetics for over 6 years, and brings over 20 years of industry experience. As a Registered Prosthetic Technician, Tom is able to use his creativity to produce works of art. The motivation behind each prosthesis Tom fabricates is the patient’s desire to live life to the fullest. Tom serves as a leader in the production shop and enjoys being able to customize and manufacture artificial limbs for our patients.

James, Prosthetic Technician

James joined Premier as a Prosthetic Technician in January of 2017. His association with the company began, however, in 2013 when he became a client of Premier's as a bi-lateral below knee amputee. James' situation gives him a unique perspective in understanding amputee issues. He particularly enjoys being part of an industry which so closely applies to his own life and gives him the opportunity to help others meet and overcome challenges similar to those he has faced.

Presently, James is our primary inventory specialist and fabricates most of our patients' diagnostic sockets. He will soon be moving into definitive socket fabrication and continuing to train towards mastery of the full technician skillset. In the future, he would like to be certified as a patient advocate and work more closely with amputees in the community.
James studied at St. Louis Community College-Meramec. He has a strong interest in holistic health and wellness. He is a certified Reiki Master and enjoys yoga, philosophy, and community events as well as learning and sharing tools and ideas to improve physical, mental and spiritual health.

Arleen, Front Office Admin

Arleen joined the Premier Prosthetics team in May 2011, and has over 25 combined years of experience in Administration, Healthcare, and Customer Service. As an Administrative Assistant for our front office, Arleen emphasizes patient care and patient experience. Arleen works directly with our patients and physician’s office to ensure the prosthetic process is completed in a timely manner. Arleen’s organizational skills and attention to detail helps our patients to receive the highest standard of care.


Christy joined the Premier Prosthetics team in July 2016. She brings with her over 20 years of experience in customer service, and over 9 years of experience in Healthcare. As an Administrative Assistant to our Practitioners, Christy also emphasizes patient care and patient experience. Christy works with insurance companies verifying benefits as well as directly with our patients and physician’s offices to ensure an efficient prosthetic process. Seeing our patients regain a measure of their independence motivates Christy to do her best for them. She is an active member of the VFW Auxiliary.


Marquitta joined Premier's team in September 2017. With eleven years of experience in the healthcare industry and a recent bachelor's degree in Business Administration in Healthcare, she brings knowledge and experience to all aspects of front office operations. She is enjoying learning about the specifics of prosthetic care and has hopes of one day earning her master's degree in Business Administration in Healthcare.
Marquitta eagerly helps every client receive care that makes them feel comfortable and at ease. Her friendly personality, enjoyment helping others and willingness to support Premier Prosthetics in running smoothly make her a valued member of our staff.

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