Adapting To Your New Norm

This month, we had the privilege of visiting the home of patient John Petsch and getting the exclusive tour of his ADA accessible home, and hearing his story. John was kind enough to share some insight regarding how he made adjustments and customized his previous home to accommodate for his needs.

John's Story

John’s journey is one that has inspired us all. During the peak of COVID, John came down with COVID, like many of us did. He overcame the usual symptoms in a week; however, during the following week he experienced some discomfort in his legs. He assumed there was a complication or aggravation to his tri-level fusion in his back, but when he visited his specialist, they discovered no issue. John had no previous history of diabetes, blood clots, or anything of this nature, and his symptoms did not align with any of those conditions. Yet, a couple of days after his appointment, he could not stand or walk. He promptly visited the hospital where he was diagnosed with “Post-COVID Blood Clots”, which are not the same as the typical clot. These Post-COVID clots aggressively attack the capillaries, veins and arteries and have gelatinous properties. After many attempts to treat and clear these clots, he had to have his left-leg amputated. His medical team tried to preserve his right-leg where they could save three toes, yet the extensive recovery and risk of infection was very high. After exploring all of his treatment options, John chose to amputate his right leg and pursue the low-risk of infection and two week recovery timeline. 

During the interview, John shared why he chose Premier.  He explained that Manny visited him in the hospital the day before the surgery to discuss the treatment of his right leg. John shared that he chose to amputate that leg as well, Manny said, “You made a great decision. In the long-term, that would have been the best course for you”. This validation gave John so much reassurance in his decision, this support during the entire process meant the world to John. 

John recently moved into his new home in the last couple months, and feels incredibly blessed to have the modifications he needs to live his life comfortably without hassle. His home was originally built by Homes for Heroes where a veteran previously lived, he was a bilateral amputee as well, in addition to having an arm prosthesis. This home was beautifully crafted to support those with Limb Difference.

ADA Modifications & How To Get Yours

What exactly was done to make this home accessible? You will find John’s favorite modifications below:

Extendable Cabinet Racks

john with his extendable cabinet racks

One-Piece Toilets

Multiple Light Switches & Accessible Outlets

Bathroom and Kitchen Cabinet Modifications (Foot Space and Room for a wheelchair for sinks.

Roll-In Shower with a Bench

Handlebars and Hardware (Door handles instead of knobs, bars in bathroom and shower)

Automatic Doors & Large Door Frames

Accessible Appliances


We understand that the process for acquiring modifications like these can be a challenge considering the time and money that they require. During the visit, John suggested that anyone interested in making these changes should contact Premier, and they can support getting you in touch with the companies and places that can carry out these services for you. 


Premier Prosthetics and Orthotics is thrilled to share that we are launching our patient-exclusive support group called AMP’D UP! This group is designed to be a safe space for Premier patients to come together and support one another, for Premier to provide educational resources, and to have fun! This group will be led by Premier Patient Ambassador, Anthony Taylor. Visit our social media platforms to get the latest information regarding our mission and upcoming events. We are a family, let’s be there for each other!

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