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Commonly Asked Questions About Customizable Prosthetics

January 30, 2021
If you’re new to the world of prosthetics and orthotics, you may have some questions about what they can do and how they work. At Premier Prosthetics and Orthotics, ensuring our patients are educated and well on the road to success is our top priority. Read on to explore some of the most commonly asked questions about our customizable prosthetics.
Why Use a Customized Prosthetic?

Approximately 1.9 million people across the United States live with limb loss today. These millions of people experience their own unique reason when considering the use of a prosthetic, but they do have one thing in common— the use of a prosthetic limb has transformed their lives for the better, restoring the functionality and mobility of limbs once lost. Using a prosthetic elevates your ability to perform daily activities like walking or running, and it often improves your overall quality of life. With a properly fitted, customized prosthetic limb, patients can better manage daily activities while maintaining their independence. As every patient has their own story, a specialized design is crucial to ensure the optimal performance of our prosthetics. Each custom prosthetic is measured and fitted specifically to suit our patient’s particular needs and lifestyle.

When Can Patients Receive Their Prosthetic Devices? 
The time at which a particular patient may qualify for their prosthetic devices varies, depending on their medical background. Some patients are ready to be fit for a device immediately after post-surgery healing, while some may need to allot more recovery time, as each patient’s healing process varies. A doctor will initially refer patients to see a practitioner for more specialized help. It’s important to get a doctor’s opinion when assessing your own unique requirements and timeline for receiving a prosthetic device.

Assistance for Prosthetic Devices
Additional help may be necessary when using a prosthetic device. For some, a walker or cane will provide enhanced stability with prosthetics. The need for additional assistance is entirely up to the patient, and what they feel is the most practical for their lifestyle.
The Prosthetic Fitting Process

The process will vary for each patient, depending on the location and particular complications surrounding your amputation, your activity level, type of insurance and compliance. Below is a better look at the fitting process practiced at Premier to create the perfect prosthetic for you.
1. Individual Needs & Goals: Practitioners and patient will devise a plan of wants, needs, and goals that will best fit the patient’s unique lifestyle.

2. Measurements & Casting: Practitioners will measure the residual limb and cast to ensure the proper fit.

3. Check Socket: Practitioner will ensure the check socket achieves total contact. For example: right size, shape, and comfortable to wear

4. Assembly of Prosthetic: Practitioner and technician will then work together to fabricate the prosthetic, ensuring the most agreeable fit for the patient.

5. Delivery: Our patients are our family at Premier Prosthetics and Orthotics. Our assistance doesn’t stop once you receive your prosthetic—after delivery, adjustments and follow up appointments are essential. They allow us to work as a multidisciplinary team in order to ensure proper function and fit as they adjust to life with their new prosthetic.
Premier Prosthetics and Orthotics strives to directly impact the quality of life of our patients for the better—as soon as you walk through our doors, you become part of the Premier family. From our dedicated staff to our state-of-the-art facilities, Premier is completely committed to providing the highest level of convenience and care. If you’d like to learn more about us or schedule a free consultation, please call our office at (314)-262-8900 today.
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