Mental Health In The Limb Loss Community

You’re Not Alone
May is Mental Health Month for the Limb Difference Community, and Premier Prosthetics and Orthotics wants to share the importance of mental health and share some resources available. Our team is passionate about providing the best patient care, and that is not limited to the amputation and prosthetics process. Every one of our patients has their own story and unique journey that brought them to us; it is our duty to ensure that all our patients feel safe, welcome, and heard in our office.

We know that the Road to Emotional Recovery can be long and winding no matter if you are born with limb loss or are an amputee. Each of those paths have different struggles, yet we can all come together to support one another. Remember, there is a community of support for you, you are NOT alone in your journey. Premier Prosthetics and Orthotics sees all of our patients as family, you can count of your family to be there for you, always.
Stages of Grief
The stages of grief are unique to each person that experiences them, as not everyone experiences all five stages, nor are they in a particular order. Grief can be full of hills and valleys, dark moments and light moments. Let’s break down these steps and how they cater to different patients.

      1.        Denial & Isolation – Often times, those in this stage express avoidance, confusion, fear, numbness, and blame

      2.        Anger – We have found that this anger translates into frustration, anxiety, and frequent irritation.

      3.       Depression – It is common for patients to become overwhelmed with feelings of helplessness, and to have a lack of energy.

      4.       Bargaining – In this step, people are struggling to find meaning, reaching out to others, and are expressing a desire to tell their story.

      5.       Acceptance & Hope – Once we have come full circle, one often succeeds in finding meaning, exploring options, making a plan, and are                    ready to demonstrate empowerment.
The way in which people experience denial and acceptance can differ based on the manner in which they have limb difference. For example, someone who was born with limb difference may not suffer heavy denial like the way a person who experienced a traumatic accident that resulted in amputation processes grief. An important note is that your feelings are valid. Everyone processes information, trauma, and life events differently, so try to acknowledge your behavior and make strides towards recovery. If you are a pillar of support for someone going through this, encouragement, compassion, and positivity go a long way.
Support Groups & Counseling
Our team is hard at work continuing to provide resources for our patients and others in the Limb Loss Community, like the Whole Person Magazine. This community has outlets for

The Amputee Coalition has a lot of resources on how to maintain good mental health and how to sustain a healthy mind. Check out their video in the link below!
Mental Health Webinar: How to Achieve a Healthy Mind
Whole Person Magazine
Premier Prosthetics and Orthotics is thrilled to announce that you can enjoy the first edition of the Whole Person Magazine, reach out to us in-office, or on social media to get access to our next edition next month. This groundbreaking inclusive resource will provide a variety of value to both patients and our referral partners, covering industry news, a directory of accessibility outlets for all to name a few. If you are interested in receiving this publication, or being featured in an upcoming edition, please contact Gobe at
Let’s Connect
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