Superman Is Real

Premier Prosthetics can confidently say that Superman IS REAL, and his name is James Dixon. We are honored to highlight our dear friend, James, and share the incredible impact he has on the community we all love.

As a member of the limb difference community, James can relate to patients in a way that some of us can’t. That, in addition to countless other reasons, is why he is such a powerful force in people’s lives.

Patient Emissary 
As seen on his Instagram, James has a passion for supporting patients in the limb difference community freshly experiencing trauma. James is the kind soul to be present at their bedside, pray for them, and provide reassurance that everything will be okay. The world needs more people like James. 
He preaches the power of a positive mindset. Mental health is a pivotal factor in a patient’s health and well-being, especially during trauma. James is everyone’s biggest cheerleader and driving force that has changed and SAVED LIVES. 
It is so important to have a support system throughout the prosthetic journey. Everyone has a different story, whether they are born with limb differences, have experienced trauma, or a number of other factors. Recovery is a long and constant effort, it is best not to go it alone. 
Motivational Speaker & Advocate for Healthy Living 
James has so many stories, lessons, messages, and loves to share with the world. He gets called upon to support people in need across the country. James doesn’t hesitate to answer the call and revive their hope and ignite a fire for them to lead their best life. 
James is an advocate for not just mental health, but physical health too! He is, with the support of medical teams like Premier Prosthetics and OSSUR, guiding people to stay active and safe at the gym, and at home. 

OSSUR Ambassador 
As an OSSUR Ambassador, James was invited to attend our Workshop for Healthcare Professions in April. Here, he not only shared his personal story, for he provided attendees with valuable insight for providing the best care from a patient’s perspective. 
As a man of many hats, James is also certified through OSSUR to work with patients and provide support on safety, best-practices, rehabilitation, and more. He has opened the eyes and hearts of so many and we love him for it. 
James is living proof that having limb difference does not defeat or define you. You too, can live a #lifewithoutlimitations

Always Welcome
You can find James on Instagram at @supermanis4real. He is also featured in our most recent edition of Whole Life Living Magazine, formerly known as Whole Person Magazine. If you need a pillar of support, please reach out to us here at Premier, the Amputee Coalition, or James. You are not alone, and there is no shame in asking for help.

Our team here at Premier Prosthetics and Orthotics always has an amazing time when James drops in for a visit. We are proud and privileged to know him and to have him be a part of our family. James, thank you for all you do, our door is always open. 


Whole Life Living Magazine 

Premier Prosthetics and Orthotics is thrilled to announce that the next edition of the Whole Life Living Magazine is coming soon! Reach out to us in-office, or on social media to get access to our next edition This groundbreaking inclusive resource will provide a variety of value to both patients and our referral partners, covering industry news, a directory of accessibility outlets for all to name a few. If you are interested in receiving this publication, or being featured in an upcoming edition, please contact Gobe at 

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