Let’s Talk About Pain

Premier is passionate about providing the highest level of patient care. Manny often talks about how important it is to be present in every step of a patient’s journey, from pre-op, post-op, PT, appointments, fittings, the whole nine. Another component is making sure every patient is educated and has the resources they need to live their best life. This includes celebrating wins and supporting you on your bad days. Let’s talk about managing pain, the different types of pain, and what you can do to manage it.

The Types of Pain

An important factor in progressing through episodes of pain is identifying the type of pain and treating or minimizing it accordingly.

  • Phantom Limb Sensation (PLS) - This includes any tingling, pins and needles, itching, temperature changes, pressure, or abnormal position and movement in your amputated limb even though it is no longer there. These sensations are not painful, sometimes only strange-feeling, so no treatment is necessary.
  • Residual Limb Pain (RLP) - This kind of pain stems from the remaining part of your limb and can be caused by swelling, nerve damage, or irritation from your prosthesis. There are quite a few causes of swelling or irritation, please consult our team for solutions.
  • Phantom Limb Pain (PLP) - These are the same as the Phantom Limb Sensations listed above, for the only difference is that the sensations are quite uncomfortable or painful. The important part of this is getting ahead of it before it becomes worse. A combination of medicinal and non-medicinal treatments often work best depending on the cause.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Tracking your pain is an important part of the process towards management and treatment. This information is also very useful to our team when brainstorming or offering a treatment plan. Here are some things you should know or do:
  • Record Your Symptoms - Common details or questions to take note of are: When are you experiencing pain, and are you wearing your prosthesis during this time? What were you doing when the pain started and how long did it last? Have you found anything that helps the pain?
  • Note of Any Applicable Health Conditions - It is good practice to keep a list of your health conditions, medications, supplements, etc. so your healthcare team can have as much information as possible.
  • Bring a Friend or Family Member - It is so easy to forget things here and there or all of the exact details when you’re at an appointment or a fitting. We recommend bringing a friend or family member to not only support you, but be another set of ears for the information shared.
  • Prepare Questions - Writing down questions as they come to you in between appointments is a huge benefit, so you can come prepared to your appointment getting the exact support you need for what you are experiencing.

You Are Not Alone

We understand that pain can be overwhelming, stressful, and frustrating. Finding ways to cope and not concentrate on the pain will help you push through. The important thing is being able to advocate and be proactive for your future self. We are here to help find the best solutions for you to manage your pain so it does not manage you.
Premier Prosthetics and Orthotics meeting


Premier Prosthetics and Orthotics is thrilled to share that our patient-exclusive support group called AMP’D UP will be having its third meeting on Friday, January 27th! This meeting will be both in-person and virtual. Amp’d Up is a group designed to be a safe space for people to come together and support one another, for Premier to provide educational resources, and to have fun! This group will be led by Premier Patient Ambassadors, Anthony Taylor and Gabby Guetterman. They invite all of you to attend and join in on the conversations and fun. Visit our social media platforms to get the latest information regarding our mission and upcoming events. Make sure you RSVP to get the meeting link. We are a family, let’s be there for each other!

Let’s Connect

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