You Are Not Alone

Premier Prosthetics & Orthotics is dedicated to providing the best patient care possible. This includes being there for you at every point of your journey from the hospital before and after surgery, to taking our Mobile Units to visit you at home and being a part of your recovery process, and more.

We recognize the challenges of recovering from a traumatic event such as losing a limb or living with limb difference. This is why Premier is making efforts to become the best resource and channel for community support and mental health.

Patient Advocate - Anthony Taylor

We are proud to announce that our team will be joining forces with, patient, Anthony Taylor, to support these efforts and act as a Patient Advocate. He will be providing valuable insight and feedback on our initiatives and strategies as well as being a featured member on our social media platforms. Our goal is to provide relatable and authentic content covering the highs and lows, best practices, and most importantly, spreading positivity and motivation to everyone.

“There are going to be days like this, where you lose hope like nobody knows what you’re going through. You still have to get up and make a difference. It's never the easiest thing. We all go through these emotions, it’s about what we do that people are going to remember. “

-Anthony Taylor, Premier Prosthetics & Orthotics Patient

Keep a Journal

In a recent conversation with our resident Superman, James Dixon, he shared the importance of keeping a journal. He encourages all of you to choose to share what you’ve been through so that others may have freedom. As an amputee, the moment you go through your trials and tribulations, it is so important to keep a journal and record these moments. This will not only help you digest, unpack, and process, what you’re experiencing and feeling, but it will also be a resource for you to look back on to support someone going through similar challenges.

James Dixon shared that if you don’t write it down and don’t share it, it will be difficult and not as impactful because you won’t recall exactly how you were feeling, or what measures you took to move forward.

Exciting Things Coming Soon

Our team is hard at work making sure we are being the best version of ourselves for the well-being of our patients. We are in the initial process of creating our own Support Group where we will foster a community of support and provide resources that you want to see. Premier is going to appoint Anthony Taylor as the Patient Leader to help facilitate coordinating resources and discussion that will help all that join us. We are also already planning for Limb Loss and Limb DIfference Awareness Month in 2023!

Whole Life Living Magazine

Premier Prosthetics and Orthotics is thrilled to announce that the latest edition of the Whole Life Living Magazine is live on the home page of our website! Reach out to us in-office, or on social media to get access. This groundbreaking inclusive resource provides a variety of value to both patients and our referral partners, covering industry news, and a directory of accessibility outlets for all to name a few.

If you are interested in receiving this publication or being featured in an upcoming edition, please contact Gobe at

Let’s Connect

If you’d like to learn more about Premier Prosthetics and Orthotics or would like to schedule a free consultation, please call (314) 262 8900 today. Follow us on our social media platforms to stay up to date with additional opportunities to subscribe. The latest industry news, patient wins, and the latest PPO updates. Find us on Facebook at @PremierPandOSTL, on Instagram at @premierpandostl, and on LinkedIn and YouTube as Premier Prosthetics and Orthotics.
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